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    The DOG GUARD Battery Plan

    We know that today's world is a hectic place. We know that our customers don't always have time to worry about when their pet's Dog Guard battery needs to be replaced. We know how to help!
    The Dog Guard Battery Plan!

    You can have your pet's battery mailed to you every 4 months for a whole year! Every 120 days, we will automatically mail your dog's battery directly to your home. For pricing information, please contact your local dealer, or if one is not in your area contact us directly.

    FYI: To ensure their reliability and performance, our batteries are specially welded together. Unlike our competitors' multiple cell batteries which run the risk of breaking contact, DG batteries maintain 100% connection. There is no chance of the batteries breaking contact, no chance of a receiver not working due to battery failure and no chance of putting your dog's safety in jeopardy! Our batteries are specially designed and engineered for this outdoor application. We do not believe in risking your pet's safety with inferior quality from applications not designed specially for this situation.

    The convenience of our handy Battery Plan, combined with Dog Guard's superior performing batteries is a sure bet to keep your pet safe! To sign up for the DG Battery Plan, contact Skip Daugherty, your local dealer, at 1-877-354-BARK (2275) or 765-623-7799  or Email: dwiggins [at] dogguard.com or Call the Dog Guard corporate offices toll free at 1 (800) 865-0495

    Call us at the numbers listed
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