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    * Dog Guard  Fencing*

    - An authorized Dog Guard dealer in Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Henry, Madison Counties in Indiana

    Dog Guard® has been in the

    pet containment

    industry since 1989 and has been privately held by the founders since. We are headquartered in Troy, NY (15 Mins from NYS capital of Albany) and our production, quality control and support departments are operated from our headquarters. We have more than 100 dealers nationally who are ready to help you with your pet containment requirements if you move from one area to another. Our brand is known with the industry for reliability, quality and the excellent service that accompanies every sale. Dog Guard® manufactures a superior line of veterinarian approved

    pet containment products

    . Our

    radio controlled fence systems

    consist of a

    hidden wire fence

    which is essentially


    to the human eye, a dog collar with a small receiver attached to it and a home transmitter which controls the area of

    hidden dog protection.

    underground dog  fence

    Located in Troy, New York, our headquarters are home to our Production, Design, Customer Service, Marketing, and Administrative Departments. Dog Guard® products are manufactured at our headquarters, and sold exclusively to trained dealers across the nation.

    These dealers have had years of hands on experience with our

    hidden pet fence systems

    , working with thousands of dogs of every size, breed, and behavior. Our Dog Guard® professional dealers expertise and knowledge of proper use and training has resulted in high rates of customer satisfaction and successfulDogGuard hidden fences

    pet containment

    over the years with our

    hidden pet fences


    Everyone in the Dog Guard® family is committed to providing our customers and their pets with the best quality products and service available. It is no wonder that both dealers and customers contact us seeking the best way to be a part of the freedom that Dog Guard's®

    hidden pet fences offers


    Our unlimited support promise, guarantees and assistance from the Dog Guard® professional dealer -whenever needed, indicates our commitment to you for years after you have bought and installed our

    radio containment products

    . Note that All Dog Guard® products come with a lifetime warranty and are completely assembled and tested in the U.S.A using nearly all parts sourced within the US.
    Dogguard dealer

    All Dog Guard® products are thoroughly tested and quality checked before being shipped from our headquarters. Take our word for it, after installing the electric Dog Guard® system, you will never have to worry about ugly fences, closing the doors and running after your pet. After all, having a pet is about the fun and happiness that comes along with it and not the worry.
    Click here to fill up our contact form or call us at the numbers listed

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